A project exploring ways we could improve our data privacy

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A customised forecast I created for a hotelier


Signals of the future in hospitality

Using 100 truths to find opportunities for innovation

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The shortlisted truths with their correspondent ideas

Truths about hotels

  1. Hotels are…

How to create a simple forecast that can help you strategise

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Or how you can find and opportunity

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  1. They take a long time to become mainstream
  2. They tend to be highly priced at the beginning
  3. New jobs and profession are born as a byproduct of their existence
  4. At the beginning they are not understood by the society
  5. Early adopters invest…

How musicians might get helped or might get replaced

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A protein shake to your creative muscles

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NTU Singapore

Where is the handyman ?

  1. I familiarised myself with different brands
  2. I took in consideration the design
  3. The quality of the manufacturing
  4. People’s knowledge about the brand
  5. The possible popularity of the design in the future
  6. and the price


Explorimentalist is the curious creative ego of Ngatye Brian Oko that explores technology from the human side. Find more at www.makara.xyz

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