A project exploring ways we could improve our data privacy

This the gold rush of data. Every tech company is looking to collect as much of it as they can from you. Most of them unethically and the worst part is we agree on them doing it.

Most people face the Terms & Conditions apathetically, while affirming to have read them on a single tab. A though arises “All the companies do it, and even if they use my data. What can I do? I need this app to do x, or because all my friends are there.

I came to realize that companies with business models heavily dependant on…

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A customised forecast I created for a hotelier


A couple of months back I created a customized forecast for a friend. My friend was curious about the future of hospitality and the future of travel. She is a hotelier and I aimed to help her see how she could look at the way her hotel could look in the future.

Signals of the future in hospitality

These are some examples of products and services that are not widespread but look promising in the area of hospitality.


Winnow is a food waste reduction service (product & insights)

Change: From not knowing how much waste of food your restaurant is producing, to knowing how much…

Using 100 truths to find opportunities for innovation

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Hotels, gyms and libraries are suffering due to the Covid19 restrictions imposed by the government. These restrictions don’t allow them to open under any circumstances.

So how can they make without losing their business?

To find some opportunities I applied a technique where you write 100 current truths about the topic you want to explore, in this case, hotels. Then you try to find what would happen if that wasn’t true or if it was different.

I’ve highlighted the truths that I consider could be useful for hotels to apply under the current lockdown if they haven’t yet.

The shortlisted truths with their correspondent ideas

Truths about hotels

  1. Hotels are…

How to create a simple forecast that can help you strategise

During this summer with aroma of Covid-19, furloughs and pressing social issues, I managed to learn few futurist techniques.

The Institute for the future (fancy name right; and why the name of this entities is always “something something future”? anyway…) teaches a specialisation with bunch of courses on Coursera about how to think like a futurist, create forecast and simulate the future.

I aware that during these uncertain times when is difficult to know how things are going to turn out. Perhaps learning how to forecast can help you anticipate blind spots.

I will explain how to create a quick…

Theater as a place for observation and decision making

In 2011 I travelled back to Barcelona to develop my degree project. I wanted to create a service that would allow you recycle, repair, repurpose (three R’s 😏 how smart am I?) old electronics.

Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

I came with many ideas on how to develop the product, in my mind those ideas were great. But I knew that some of them were like babies about to grow entitled, ugly and problematic.

So I decided to come up with a test that was different from other tests, because I’m an innovator (🙄). And I…

Or how you can find and opportunity

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Finding an opportunity it is a matter of observation. The more you know about the area you want to innovate the easier it is to find an opportunity.

An exercise that helps to find opportunities is listing things that you consider true about X.

Here is an example of a list stating what is true about new technologies.

  1. They take a long time to become mainstream
  2. They tend to be highly priced at the beginning
  3. New jobs and profession are born as a byproduct of their existence
  4. At the beginning they are not understood by the society
  5. Early adopters invest…

How musicians might get helped or might get replaced

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AI is like the new attractive and apparently smart boy or girl in town. Everyone wants hang out, and get intimate with them. That’s also my case.

I tend to go to that search bar with the coloured “G” and type the name of an industry or topic and then AI (as in Artificial Intelligence) to get a glimpse of what is happening in that industry.

That morning I typed “music AI”, and there I was, browsing results drooling of excitement with every entry I saw. …

A protein shake to your creative muscles

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You found your problem. You created a HMW (how might we) statement. Now is time for the brainstorm.

You look at the yellow post-it with hunger, the first 3 ideas flow faster than the hyperloop. Your sharpie is waiting for more action, while its unmistakable aroma travels to your nostrils. Your hand doesn’t move, your brain is trying to find more ideas. Another minute passes and you grow anxious. You still have 10 min to go and nothing comes to your mind!

The future might be less noisy inside

What would happen if windows could cancel the sound from the exterior. Wouldn’t that be great?

NTU Singapore

View the article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/11/science/windows-street-noise.html

A Singaporean PHD student has found how to lower the noise of the streets by 10 decibels by inserting an array of speakers on his window.

Why a window that lowers the loud noise of traffic on the street, with occasional dog barking, the helicopter browsing the skies or drunken people loudly talking at 2 o’clock AM?

Perhaps the answer is because our cars still are propelled with oil combustion engines that…

Where is the handyman ?

About a year ago I needed some new shoes, shoes that were casual for the summer. Now those shoes I love, have worn out soles, ripped canvas,

After some consideration, I bought Novesta hi-top white canvas white rubber sneakers. Looking back on how I took the decision, it was a bit of a gamble, but a gamble with a process.

  1. I familiarised myself with different brands
  2. I took in consideration the design
  3. The quality of the manufacturing
  4. People’s knowledge about the brand
  5. The possible popularity of the design in the future
  6. and the price

However I miscalculated my hypothesis. Since…


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