Data addicted: Mindmaping my knowledge about data

A project exploring ways we could improve our data privacy

2 min readNov 27, 2020


This the gold rush of data. Every tech company is looking to collect as much of it as they can from you. Most of them unethically and the worst part is we agree on them doing it.

Most people face the Terms & Conditions apathetically, while affirming to have read them on a single tab. A though arises “All the companies do it, and even if they use my data. What can I do? I need this app to do x, or because all my friends are there.

I came to realize that companies with business models heavily dependant on advertisement are the ones that compromise people’s privacy and objectify people.

Worried by that premise I thought what would happen if people were in control of their data, what if companies were more transparent and upfront about their data policies.

If of data as a tradable asset class like gold or silver, what services need to be in place for users to invest on it.

I will be going through the design process to find how to make sure people regain control over their data.


At this moment I don’t know much about data. To seek information I need to know what I know so I mind mapped my data knowledge.

I noticed that I have low understanding about:

  • What the data collection journey is and what it involves
  • What is data ethics and how is implemented
  • What is written on Terms and Conditions
  • Why people accept the Terms and Conditions without thinking
  • Why are people willing to give their privacy and others don't?

I also had some questions

  • Why do many tech startups go for the free model?
  • Are there other models?
  • Who is going against the grain?
  • If data was needed how can we add ethical protections and processes around its collection and use?

Next time I will try to answer these question on this quest to data privacy. Cheers!




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