Where could I fix my canvas sneakers

Where is the handyman ?

2 min readJul 26, 2020

About a year ago I needed some new shoes, shoes that were casual for the summer. Now those shoes I love, have worn out soles, ripped canvas,

After some consideration, I bought Novesta hi-top white canvas white rubber sneakers. Looking back on how I took the decision, it was a bit of a gamble, but a gamble with a process.

  1. I familiarised myself with different brands
  2. I took in consideration the design
  3. The quality of the manufacturing
  4. People’s knowledge about the brand
  5. The possible popularity of the design in the future
  6. and the price

However I miscalculated my hypothesis. Since I bought the Novesta shoes they have become popular among people but my pair shoe laces broke, the color has wear off and there are small tears. I expected the shoes to last 2 years. I’m off for 6 months. Well in reality 1 years.

I don’t like to throw things, I like to keep things as long as I can. Now with this pair of old Novesta shoes I wonder if anyone can repair them. Traditional handyman have been replaced with new services with internet presence and better logistics.

In my quest to feel less guilty about replacing my Novesta shoes, I wonder, what services are out there, that consider a shoe raw material, a potential potential for more walks, an evolving companion that grows with you an allows the environment to flourish.

If someone finds a way of giving anyone the opportunity to wear the evolution of the shoe they wore. They will give more meaning to the shoe and more life to the planet.




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