If you are a hotel and can’t open during Lockdown these ideas might help

Using 100 truths to find opportunities for innovation

2 min readNov 16, 2020
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Hotels, gyms and libraries are suffering due to the Covid19 restrictions imposed by the government. These restrictions don’t allow them to open under any circumstances.

So how can they make without losing their business?

To find some opportunities I applied a technique where you write 100 current truths about the topic you want to explore, in this case, hotels. Then you try to find what would happen if that wasn’t true or if it was different.

I’ve highlighted the truths that I consider could be useful for hotels to apply under the current lockdown if they haven’t yet.

The shortlisted truths with their correspondent ideas

Truths about hotels

  1. Hotels are in a physical space
  2. Hotels host people

2. Hotels have rooms.


  • What if hotels could also live in virtual worlds like games?
  • What if hotels could host things instead of people (like bicycles, someone's plants, etc)

3. Breakfast is “free”.

4. Breakfast has many options for guests.


  • What if hotels could provide breakfast only delivery service as a subscription whom clients could select their breakfast options (similar to creating a bento box)?
  • What if hotels provided a breakfast only delivery service with a different breakfast option every day?
  • What if hotels could teach their breakfast recipes to their guests through a subscription channel?

5. They have branded merchandise: Towels, dressing gown, soap, shower gel, sweets, leaflets


  • What if hotels sold merchandise designed as high urban fashion that guests would love to use them?
  • What if hotel merchandise was locally sourced?

6. The room layout and design is set in advance


  • What if the layout of the room could be decided by the guests before the visit?
  • What if a hotel room was used for Interior Designers or designers to practice their craft?

These are just ideas, research and testing would be necessary to understand if these ideas are desirable, viable and would give enough ROI.

I hope this is helpful.




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