30 things that (I think) are true about new technologies

Or how you can find and opportunity

Photo by Gio Bartlett on Unsplash

Finding an opportunity it is a matter of observation. The more you know about the area you want to innovate the easier it is to find an opportunity.

An exercise that helps to find opportunities is listing things that you consider true about X.

Here is an example of a list stating what is true about new technologies.

Some of the entries on the list might be hypothesis, some others just anecdotes or attempts to sound smart. The important thing is to be aware of those things and rewrite the list with help of more people that can sense check those “truths”. Or better yet, with some good old research.

So now, how do you find opportunities?

Ask yourself, how can I make this statement not true?

Let’s try it with an entry from the list:

The not true 1 statement brings you to a reality where all amateur people can operate and explain how to use a new technology. But our reality in most cases is different. For example, no amateur person is able to create an AI model without any knowledge. The opportunity comes when you challenge that reality and wonder, What if amateur people could? And then you brainstorm about it.

I hope this was useful. Thank you.

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